Postponed indefinetly

The Tale Writers Screenwriting Conference has been postponed indefinetly. We hope to have this conference some time in the future but currently we do not have the sponsorship neccessary to hold the conference.

MISSION: It is the mission of the Conference to elevate the quality and marketability of both the writer and the writing for each attendee; to provide an occasion for personal growth within the Craft of Screenwriting while featuring the amazing depth of talent and opportunities in the New Mexico film business.

CONCEPT/THEME: The underlying theme is to express and experience the human continuity of storytelling from primordial hunters’ campfires to the leading edge technological applications that meet a basic human need for which we are hard-wired. The keynote address by a well-recognized local industry professional will be introduced by a griot (traditional African storyteller) performance, and the conference will wrap with a demonstration of the latest in new transmedia technology to which writers must adapt.