Stage Readings


The New Mexico Film Foundation in partnership with the New Mexico Women in Film, announces a new Stage Reading series through its Tale Writers Screenwriting program. New Mexico screenwriters will be invited to submit a variety of script formats and genres to NMFF. Our professional team will select which work will be performed by professional directors and actors. The readings, which will occur approximately every 3 months , will each have a specific format.
In all cases do not, DO NOT, DO NOT put your name on the title page of the script. Scripts are sent to the judges anomously and you are assigned a unique id number when you submit. If we recieve your script with you name or any other identifying information on it, it will be immediately disqualified.

Screenwriters Stage Readings

First 10 pages

If you can’t grab the reader in the first 10 pages, your script goes in the trash. This exersize emphasizes the elements needed in the first 10 pages to keep the reader reading.
Submissions are now closed.

Spec Script

Submissions are now closed

Here is some great information on writing a spec script:How to Write a Spec Script

Shot in New Mexico

Submissions begin February 1, 2018 through March 30, 2018

Send us a script for a short, feature or pilot that can be shot in New Mexico

Children’s Film

Submission date TBA

Write a feature whose target audience is children

New Mexico Film Foundation Tale Writers screenwriting program. These stage readings allow the screenwriter to hear what their written words sound like through professional actors.

This video contains reactions to stage readings done at Aux Dog Theater in Albuquerque, NM and Teatro Perauga in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Videography by Craig Clark.

The New Mexico Film Foundation’s stage reading. Example is excepts from one reading, screenwriter Mary Haarmeyer’s “Absolute Faith” held at Aux Dog Theater in Albuquerque

Selection of rehearsals and stage readings held at Teatro Peragua theater in Santa Fe as part of the New Mexico Film Foundation’s Tale Writers stage readings.